Just Try It – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone



Continuing on our February theme of New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts or “goals” as my 14 year old would say, we urge you to just TRY IT.
Try something new, try something different, try something out of your comfort zone…and the best thing about this perfectly simple idea is that you could start small or really go to town.


What we’ve noticed over the years when working with people is they get stuck buying the same colours or variations of the same style – you might know what works for you and you stick with it. This can quickly lead to feeling a bit uninspired about your wardrobe where you have a cupboard full of clothes but still feel like you’ve got nothing to wear.


Like the look of faded boyfriend jeans, midi length skirts or that shade of deep red but dismiss the pieces that catch your eye as ‘too young’, ‘too out there’ or just too ‘tricky’? Hard to ignore the internal dialogue but giving the new a go is the best way to freshen up your wardrobe and get excited about what you’re wearing.


So we’ve put together a series of posts that offer up some alternatives to try with the first one up looking at ‘How to Wear Colour’. We’d love you to try it…you might like it!
Part 1: Try it – Wearing Colour


You might have always thought of yourself as a ‘blue’ girl and couldn’t ever do green or have a wardrobe full of neutrals because, really, who would take you seriously if you wore hot pink?! So we either stick to what we know or when we do introduce colour we go for to muted tones and as often as not pair it back with the oceans of black that we seem to own.


The funny thing is colour is the first thing that catches our eye when we walk into a store…before we ask if it comes in black. Colour also lifts the mood and brightens the complexion and can help with those tricky trans-seasonal times of the year where you still want a bit of cover but need lighten up winter dressing.


Each season there’s always a colour thread that starts appearing in stores and while I don’t think any of us are quite ready to think about winter (this heat!) already the first ranges are in store with the deeper palette for winter – think deep raspberry red, mustard (again), bottle green and terracotta.


Not keen on any of those colours? Worth checking out is Pantone colours of the year. Pantone is the go-to industry experts on colour and each year put together a trend forecast of colours that they believe will not only influence fashion but everything from interiors and home wares to makeup. They always have a lead colour and for 2016 they’ve taken the unprecedented step of offering two colours – Rose Quartz (soft pink) and Serenity (powder blue). For a full listing of the 10 colour palette chosen for 2016 go to http://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2016


But how to wear these new colours – we’ve put together a list of colours coming into stores and what to pair them with…you’ll notice black by its absence.
Try it               Pair with                    Wild card


Deep red

mid-grey                    powder blue





navy                            russet





cream                         teal




Rose Quartz

winter white               clear bright red





light grey                   royal purple





Still feeling like colour a little scary? We’re love to help and you can book a “colour’ session (one-on-one or make an evening of it with some friends) to find what works best for you and what you have in your wardrobe.


Contact us at: http://style@foxandmae.co.nz for more information.


Just try it!