New Year … New Wardrobe … Happy You!

Deciding on New Year resolution’s can often be the easy part! … Following through and achieving these goals is usually where things come unstuck.


We have been thinking about our New Year resolutions and goals for 2016 at fox & mae, and one of the resolutions we can usually tick off is sorting out our wardrobes. We love looking through pictures of celebrity wardrobes, oh the envy! and while we don’t see ourselves building a closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw any time soon … it is still nice to have a wardrobe that makes you happy, a happy place not a stressful place of clutter.


Wardrobe 1


The task of de-cluttering your wardrobe can be very overwhelming. Just thinking through the process of cleaning out your wardrobe usually sends the task into the too hard basket! Yes we obviously love fashion, it is fun and exciting, the new season starts and you buy something new. BUT before you know it you have a bulging closet with new trends, old trends, but still somehow you have nothing to wear. Having a well-organised wardrobe with plenty of options for all occasions can make such a difference to your life … Seriously. You will create more space, find things you thought lost forever, make those hectic mornings easier because you can put together (quickly) an outfit you want to wear.


KK Wardrobe


If you want a minimal more streamlined wardrobe …  Or just a wardrobe that is more manageable it might not be an easy task to tackle on your own. Which is where we can help. We can show you how to approach your wardrobe differently; it’s not just about getting rid of things but creating outfits, maximizing the pieces you love, and knowing how to shop for clothing that will add to your style not wardrobe clutter!


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