Red Carpet Showdown

Celebrity style – America vs. Europe at The Billboard Awards and Gala Opening at Cannes



Keisha - Cannes red carpet 2015Charlize Theron - Cannes red carpet 2015



Here at fox & mae HQ we love the red carpet and keep a close eye on the style feeds especially during awards season. There’s nothing like a red carpet moment where hair, makeup, jewels and The Dress all come together to create an iconic fashion moment.


Cheryl Cannes red carpet 2015 Iggy Azalea Billboard 2015 -  Naomi Watts Cannes 2015



Recently we’ve had two events within a few days of each other – the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas and the opening night of the annual Film Festival in Cannes. This highlighted how different the choice of dress and the vibe can be from country to country and industry to industry. I do understand that they’re representing different aspects of the entertainment world but it was such a marked contrast – one being all fun, skin-baring and bling the other timeless, elegant – that I thought it would be an interesting exercise to look at it dress by dress comparing the different style sensibilities…and not that I’m biased or anything but send me to Cannes any day!


XX Jody B