Save Your Skin From Winter

Its cold … actually it’s really really cold.


Save your skin from feeling dry, flaky and irritated this winter.


The temperature has just taken quite a nosedive; and winter has well and truly arrived. Winter weather is very hard on the skin, and comes with a special set of skin issues. Cold air lacks humidity and dries the natural oils in the skin, and as the temperature drops we turn the heating up. Indoor heating will suck the life out of your skin, and as lovely as a hot shower or bath is hot water is dehydrating. If moisture is being taken out of the skin and not replaced it can leave the skin feeling dry, flaky dull and irritated. So to save your skin this winter we asked Marsha at Beauty on the Strand for a few tips. The girls are amazing, miracle workers … seriously! So whether you want to head into the salon or pamper yourself at home here are a few ideas to try. Enjoy xx f&m


  1. – My absolute best tip for top looking winter skin is to use a HYDRATING MASK three times a week and sleep with it on.  In the morning your makeup just glides on seamlessly and looks dewy and youthful.
  2. – Using a VITAMIN C serum in winter always boosts a dull and lifeless skin back into shape.  We recommend once daily under your moisturiser.  We love the ‘ASAP’ VITAMIN C SERUM.
  3. – Use of oil at nighttime is also lovely in winter; JOJOBA oil is closest to the skins natural sebum so we find this penetrates the best.  Massage in on alternative nights from using you mask to sleep in.
  4. – Have a couple of MID- WINTER in salon Facial Peels done, this keeps the skin fresh and vibrant.  ‘INSTITUTE DERMED’ PUMPKIN PEELS are our favourite.


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