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If you are looking for an alternative to traditional foundations which is the best option for you? You can create a naturally beautiful look with a tinted moisturiser, but should you be trying a BB, CC or even a DD Cream instead ? What is the difference ? and which one should you use ? This is a little guide to explain what makes each product different and give you makeup tips and ideas so you know which will work best for you.


Tinted Moisturiser – A Tinted moisturiser is just that: a moisturising cream with a light tint to it. You will get a lovely light dewy coverage, usually with an SPF included. They are very easy to use and apply, and as they tend to come in limited colour ranges finding the right shade is pretty easy. Keep in mind because a tinted moisturiser is lightweight the coverage may not be enough for some complexions and can be to much for oilier skin types.


BB Creams – If you are after a product that will give you a light matte coverage try a BB cream. BB creams huge popularity has come from the Asian market, after it’s success there the following quickly grew and grew. It was originally developed to sooth patients skin who had undergone laser and facial surgeries. BB cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. It is usually a slightly creamier texture than a tinted moisturiser, and as a product is designed to do it all. It will moisturise the skin, provide sun protection, and can have soothing and regenerating properties. It can also be used as a primer under your foundation or to target and camouflage any problem areas.


BB Cream















CC Cream – Lighter than a BB cream the CC cream is a colour corrector. It is designed as a similar product to the BB cream but it’s focus is as a complexion corrector. If you have pigmentation, sallow dull skin or redness, CC cream has the benefits for you. Where it can get a little tricky are the benefits, they are essentially the same as the BB cream before it. CC stands for colour correcting, this being your biggest difference. You will get the benefits a BB cream offers and a few more.


DD Cream – The dynamic do-all or daily defense cream has already been developed, and will be heading our way soon. The DD cream is a combination of a BB and CC cream … imagine a super duper dream cream that will work to diminish fine lines, firm, brighten, hydrate and protect. All of these benefits will come in self adjusting shades to balance your skin tone!!


CC Cream















So with all of this information where do you start ? Our advice would be to think about what your primary concern is. If this is pigmentation / discoloration then start with CC creams. If it is fine lines and wrinkles, try the soon to be here DD cream. Or if your skin is oily, then look for something that controls this and has a lightweight texture. There is a product out there for you!! It is good to have choices but it’s worth spending a little time to get the best one for you.



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