Why You Should Get A Makeup Lesson

Why you should get a makeup lesson


Sometimes no matter how many times you watch a tutorial online, watch your friends or read how to articles in magazines, getting your makeup right can feel impossible!


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So why should you get a makeup lesson and what are the benefits?


Applying makeup is part of most women’s daily routine. You might just add a slick of mascara and lip-gloss, go for a little more, or you’ve been doing the same look forever. Whatever your style it should be a fun process, not difficult or frustrating! … Especially if you are wearing makeup every day.


A makeup lesson can be the answer, whether you are after a new look, learning the basics, or experimenting with more advanced techniques, a makeup lesson will arm you with product knowledge, new ideas, how to apply your makeup easily and with confidence.


Lessons will answer so many questions, what are your best colours, how can you best enhance your bone structure, what are the best tools, and one of the most common question how fast can I get some makeup on my face and look great!



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It always helps to have some idea of what you want to learn; fox & mae makeup lessons are tailored to each individual client, as we don’t have a generic format. It should be a fun pampering experience either on your own or with friends. We can take you through everything you need and want to know, the no makeup look, the natural look, the 5 minute face, smokey eyes, even your wedding day makeup.


And you will be doing it all your self, its very important to be hands on when learning, so we will do one side of your face and then help you apply the same thing to the other side … The best way to learn is to try your self! You won’t need to memorize a thing as we always provide our clients with a pdf of notes from the lesson.


We would love to help! …. Book in and get inspired!